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Let’s face it: spelling and grammatical errors are everywhere, especially with the invention of the Internet (which has made writing and thought flow much more casual). Personally, I think proper spelling and grammar are very, very important. When I catch a mistake I’ve made - and I have made many - I want to kick myself.

Those who purposely point out others’ mistakes, asterisk and all, really bother me. Why point out flaws when you, yourself, aren’t perfect? It’s almost disgusts me in a sense because people really pride themselves of this and they are liberated when they point out others’ spelling and grammatical errors. I have seen so many people, on Tumblr, on Twitter, on FB (er, well, when I used to use FB), that partake in this.

I see errors all the time from those communicating with me and I would never point them out. What would I gain from doing so? As long as I know what is correct, that is good enough. By pointing out, it doesn’t make one seem more intelligent. It shows pettiness, pretentiousness, and speaks volumes about one’s character. Instead of “trolling the Internet”, don’t you have better things to do with your time? Just a thought.