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thinkofyouincoloursthatdontexist said: Hey there! I'm heading to Toronto in a few weeks and I was wondering if you knew of some good stores to shop at? I'm going to be around the Eaton Centre area and I plan to head down Queen st. I'm trying to avoid going to the Eaton Centre because a lot of the stores there are places I can go to every where else. Any unique stores you'd recommend, preferably with a student budget? Thanks!

Hey, that’s a really good area for shopping! If you’re on Queen West near John St., there’s Black Market that sells a basement full of graphic tees and vintage clothing. Everything is $10.00, so it’s definitely budget-friendly! Staying on Queen and heading towards Spadina, there’s a pop-up shop a few units from Aritzia Queen St. that offers some nice pieces with compounded deals (e.g. buy one get 10% off, buy two get 20% off, etc.). There isn’t a sign up or anything, so if you pass The Horseshoe Tavern, you’ve gone too far! 

Further down Spadina (passing the McDonald’s on the corner), there’s CTS Vintage that stocks some pretty cute finds, as well. If you keep going, there’s Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. Both stores are a bit pricier, but it’s sale season, so the two may be worth browsing. 

Heading the opposite direction from John St. on Queen, there’s Lavish & Squalor. They sell heritage-branded items, but they are, for the most part, reasonable. The store is really cute though - the upstairs, especially - so I definitely recommend checking it out! The store’s exterior is all black with its sign being subtle, so be sure to keep an eye out.

That’s all that I can think of for now! I hope this helps you somewhat! Happy shopping! :-)   

Anonymous said: i love to online shop! what are some of your fav online stores?

Hey, likewise! Ah, there are so many to choose from - they’re all my favourites! :-) I guess the ones that carry things I really covet (e.g. TENOVERSIX, Saks Fifth Avenue), I rarely place orders from.

My most recent orders this month/last month are from Shopbop, Endless, American Apparel, eLUXE, Chapters, and Apple! How about you?

Thanks for your question!

I guess you can never have too many pairs of leather shorts and shoes. 

He’s adopted my habit of making lists.

He’s adopted my habit of making lists.

and I went to the Toronto Courthouse to watch live cases being judged. We went shopping for a bit afterwards. We only had an hour and a half, so Alex and I went into speed mode. I bought the American Apparel Cotton Seersucker Bloomers in White Royal Blue Seersucker (part granny panties, part awesome) + Dolcetta by Dolce Vita Colourblock sandals in Black (on sale for $40!) and Sparkle and Fade Colourblock short in Nude from Urban Outfitters. I also picked up a pair of denim cutoffs!

Shopping always gets me excited for upcoming seasons!

had a family + friends event the other night with 30% off almost everything in-store. I’m really trying to save money right now, but I really need shorts… or at least that’s what I told myself before I stepped in. I walked away with the Chiffon Double-Layered Full Length Skirt in Tan (to add to my long skirt collection!), Rigid Corduroy High-Waist Shorts in Summer Peach and nail polishes in the colours Dynasty, Rose Bowl + Summer Peach.

I was only supposed to buy shorts! I really have to work on creating a stronger mindset before going shopping. 

Seeing Crystal Castles live tonight!

— @ The Sound Academy + Alex and I are spending the day shopping in Toronto!