An ocean being warmed by the sun.

The weather is really starting to warm up. Alex and I went to Waterloo Park to enjoy a picnic and to play frisbee and badminton.

Denim Sleeveless Crop Button-Up in Light Wash Indigo: American Apparel
Cotton bloomers in Charcoal: Talula - Aritzia
Navajo belt: unlabeled - thrifted
Nadina sandals in denim: Michael Kors
+ Ray-Ban Clubmasters + MBMJ Percy Crossbody

Details up close.

Wishing you all a happy start to your summer.  

A casual outfit. Alex and I had a lovely morning/afternoon in Uptown Waterloo, window shopping and having brunch at Cafe 1842.

Striped raglan in cream/black: TNA - Aritzia
Mint grazer-length trousers: H&M
Trina sandals in black leather: Sam Edelman -
"Classic Q" Percy crossbody: MBMJ - Aritzia
+ Tom Ford Anouk sunnies + MK mid-sized watch

He ended up finding an Indian Motorcycles sign, which was super cool. Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

Outfit from May 12, 2012.

Outfit from May 12, 2012.

Alex and I spent the day at Yorkdale and Don MIlls in Toronto. It’s nice being able to consistently wear lighter clothing!
Nadine blouse in Celestial: Wilfred - Aritzia
Cannes short in Linen - Wilfred - Aritzia
Trina sandal in black leather: Sam Edelman -
Deep Freeze sunnies in Crazy Tortoiseshell: Karen Walker - tenoversix
Mini Luggage in Dune: CELINE - Holt Renfrew
+ MK watch 

 Happy days, everyone!

A new froyo place just opened up in KW called YoYo’s! I was out and about in Downtown Kitchener when one of my girls called me about their free promotion. Of course, I couldn’t resist!

American flag cropped tank: XXI
Chiffon Double-Layered Full Length Skirt in Tan: American Apparel
Trina sandals in black leather: Sam Edelman -
Red heart-shaped sunnies: H&M (two summers ago)
"Classic Q" Percy crossbody (converted into a clutch): MBMJ - Aritzia
There’s plenty more froyo and ice cream to be had this upcoming summer! One of my favourite things about the heat. XOXO

Outfit from May 1st, 2012 (sans jacket). 

Outfit from May 1st, 2012 (sans jacket). 

Outfit from May 11, 2012.

Outfit from May 11, 2012.

The end product after clearing seven grocery bags of clothes for donation. This is tops only… I need more room.

The end product after clearing seven grocery bags of clothes for donation. This is tops only… I need more room.

Anonymous said: Why do you always post pictures of your outfits that were taken weeks or a month ago?

Hey, good question! In short, I don’t publish things daily (or even weekly), as I’m a relatively lazy person and the whole process just takes way too much time. I just go on uploading sprees once in a while and I let Tumblr’s queue option automatically detract three posts per day. As you can imagine, a gap forms; an outfit (or any other type of posting) won’t actually be published until all of the pre-existing queued items before it becomes published. So, basically, what is being published now was actually queued to Tumblr a few months ago.

I’m not sure if what I’m explaining is clear, but you can read this post I made here if you’d like. Have a great day and thanks for your question!

This is the first time I’ve worn denim in a very long time - let alone document the occasion! These pants look like Current/Elliot, but they’re a fraction of the price!

Crochet Lace Jumper in Nude: American Apparel
Vertical striped denim in light blue: XXI
Trina sandals in black leather: Sam Edelman -
+ MBMJ ‘Classic Q’ Percy Crossbody
+ Michael Kors Silver Mid-sized Chronograph Watch

Hope you’re all having a fantastic day, XOXO

Outfit from May 1, 2012.

Outfit from May 1, 2012.

VERY similar to a previous outfit, just updated and made more feminine. 

Lavender silk tank: Braemar by Jeremy Scott - thrifted
Tropez shorts in Tourbe: Wilfred - Aritzia
Black/cream two-tone ballet flats: Alfred Sung - thrifted
+ leather peter pan collar

Here’s a close-up! I love how little accents can change a look.

Go out and enjoy the sunshine! XOXO 

Alex and I went out for dinner in Guelph to celebrate our three years (although the actual date is May 2nd)!

Denim jacket: Gap Kids - thrifted
Nadine blouse in Celestial: Wilfred - Aritzia
Iver pant in Seche: Wilfred - Aritzia
Brown leather Chelsea Boots: Browns Shoes
Mini Luggage in Dune: Celine - Holt Renfrew

Here’s w/o the jacket.

We had booked a hot air balloon flight, but it was cancelled due to unfavourable weather; as you can see, I’m dressed for fall rather than spring. I can’t wait until the rescheduled date - can finally cross that off my life’s bucket list! XOXO

I started some spring cleaning, so don’t mind the mess! It got worse before it got better!

Chiffon tank in Lagoon: American Apparel
Linen Cannes shorts: Wilfred - Aritzia

+ a sweater for when the weather cools down…
Castel sweater in Morning Mist: Wilfred - Aritzia (LOVE this sweater)

+ a handbag and shoes (not pictured)!
Large “Le Pliage” Shopping Tote in Black: Longchamp - Holt Renfrew
Two-tone ballet flats in cream/black: Alfred Sung - thrifted

Have a great day, everyone! :-) XOXO

Outfit from March 20, 2012.

Outfit from March 20, 2012.