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Outfit from May 12, 2012.

Outfit from May 12, 2012.

cruciodatass said: hi there!! love your blog immensely and your sense of style! just wondering, how sheer is the american apparel chiffon double-layered full length skirt that you bought? i'm contemplating of whether i should get and whether or not if it's a good investment (how is the quality btw)? and which store did you purchase it? thank you kindly!

Hey, wow, thank you so much! That’s really flattering, I’m glad you love reading! :-) The skirt is a bit sheer (same material as the Oversized Button-Ups), but it’s not bad because there is so much fabric! You can sometimes see through the lower legs/ankles as you’re walking, but by no means would I consider it inappropriate. The secret is wearing either a nude-coloured pair of undies or a pair in a colour similar to the skirt! I bought the skirt in Tan and I love mine!

They’re actually really good quality - the shape and the waistband are the same as they’ve ever been. As well, the AA skirt flows really nicely, which gives it a bit of a distinctive look in comparison to the maxi skirts sold in other stores. I would consider it a great investment because it goes with a lot of the clothes I have and I get a ton of wear out of it! You should definitely try one on if you have the opportunity to. I bought mine at the Waterloo location. :-)

Hope this somewhat helps! Thanks again for the compliments, hope you’re having an awesome day and enjoying the sunshine!

I love fall colour palettes! 
Leaf-patterned top in Brick: Forever 21
Chiffon Double-Layered Full Length Skirt in Tan: American Apparel
T-strap skimmers in brown leather: Ecote - Urban Outfitters
Clubmasters in Tortoiseshell: Ray-Ban - Sunglass Hut (these are Alex’s, we swapped Clubmaster colours!)
+ Marc by Marc Jacobs Hobo Hillier + silver watch

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! XOXO 

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These are actually outfits from Friday, I just didn’t get a chance to post them! Here’s my boyfriend’s outfit - his name is Alex.

Varsity Jacket: Lacoste - Channer’s in Uptown Waterloo
T-shirt: Sago Brands - thrifted
"Juvee Rollers" pant: OBEY - Urban Outfitters
 Casual brogues: Marafes - thrifted
Sunnies: Ray-Ban Clubmaster - Sunglass Hut

Denim jacket: Gap - thrifted
Oversized chiffon button-up - American Apparel
Two-tone maxi skirt: Silence + Noise - Urban Outfitters
Jodhpur boots: Swedish Hasbeens - click here for various places
Sunnies: Ray-Ban Clubmaster - Sunglass Hut

Hope you all had a great weekend! XOXO