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dworkinclasshero said: hey! i'm from waterloo but i've been out of town for school all year. now that i have an ideological qualm with urban outfitters, i'm looking for good places in the city to get high waisted denim (cheap monday, or any other brand you trust -- i'm open!) and figured you'd be the person to ask ♥

Hey, thank you so much! :-) I totally agree with you on the whole Urban Outfitters thing, it’s definitely becoming increasingly difficult to find good clothes there. As for Cheap Mondays, Aritzia carries some (although they may be gone for summer) and Gloss in downtown Kitchener carried them last time I checked!

If you’re looking for coloured denim, the American Apparel Four-Way Stretch High-Waist pants are a pretty good option! They’re in the same price range and they’re really comfortable. If you’re looking for high-waisted denim for DIY projects, I’d recommend checking out thrift stores (e.g. Value Village, Talize, White Tiger Vintage, Unit 5, etc.) - you’ll be able to find a well-loved pair for a lot less than retail price!

Also, the Levi’s Outlet in St. Jacobs might carry some high-waisted jeans! They have a wide selection and they usually run around $30.00-$50.00 per pair. You can always call them first to be sure!

Lastly, if you’re looking for higher-end denim, J Brand makes a really great pair of high-rise jeans that are a skinny fit called the “Maria”. They come in a dark wash and you can get them at Aritzia! 

I hope this is somewhat of use to you - I rarely wear denim, so it’s definitely not my forte! I wish I could be of more help! Good luck with your search! :-) XO

because I never wear any of them. Ever. I’ve saved up, bought good quality jeans and in the end, the money just goes to waste because I don’t get wear out of them. Nudies, Cheap Monday, 7 For All Mankind - who wants ‘em? 

Ralph Lauren’s new label: Denim & Supply. Interesting. 

and I went to the Toronto Courthouse to watch live cases being judged. We went shopping for a bit afterwards. We only had an hour and a half, so Alex and I went into speed mode. I bought the American Apparel Cotton Seersucker Bloomers in White Royal Blue Seersucker (part granny panties, part awesome) + Dolcetta by Dolce Vita Colourblock sandals in Black (on sale for $40!) and Sparkle and Fade Colourblock short in Nude from Urban Outfitters. I also picked up a pair of denim cutoffs!

Shopping always gets me excited for upcoming seasons!

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I got a new pair of shorts! I love the texture of them: cardboard and cotton - kind of like a burlap sack.

Parka: Alex’s - Gap
Blue silk button-up: Bianca Nygard - The Bay
Tropez shorts in Tourbe: Wilfred - Aritzia
Tights: Hue - Winners
Woven oxfords: Trotters - thrifted

Alex is starting to become a regular on the site!
Military jacket: Gap
Denim vest: Eddie Bauer - thrifted
Grey longsleeve henley: Old Navy
Blue trousers: H&M

Hope everyone is having a great day! To all my new + existing followers: you guys are the best! XOXO