An ocean being warmed by the sun.

The weather is really starting to warm up. Alex and I went to Waterloo Park to enjoy a picnic and to play frisbee and badminton.

Denim Sleeveless Crop Button-Up in Light Wash Indigo: American Apparel
Cotton bloomers in Charcoal: Talula - Aritzia
Navajo belt: unlabeled - thrifted
Nadina sandals in denim: Michael Kors
+ Ray-Ban Clubmasters + MBMJ Percy Crossbody

Details up close.

Wishing you all a happy start to your summer.  

Ordered this drapey lyocell trenchcoat in the black colour. →

I know I say this a lot, but I’m in love (and we haven’t even met yet). 

A casual outfit. Alex and I had a lovely morning/afternoon in Uptown Waterloo, window shopping and having brunch at Cafe 1842.

Striped raglan in cream/black: TNA - Aritzia
Mint grazer-length trousers: H&M
Trina sandals in black leather: Sam Edelman -
"Classic Q" Percy crossbody: MBMJ - Aritzia
+ Tom Ford Anouk sunnies + MK mid-sized watch

He ended up finding an Indian Motorcycles sign, which was super cool. Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

A photo of Amy, Jordan and I from the Aritzia GSM Fashion Show in February 2011, which Amy kindly sent me in the mail last summer. Miss these girls. 

A photo of Amy, Jordan and I from the Aritzia GSM Fashion Show in February 2011, which Amy kindly sent me in the mail last summer. Miss these girls. 

Alex and I spent the day at Yorkdale and Don MIlls in Toronto. It’s nice being able to consistently wear lighter clothing!
Nadine blouse in Celestial: Wilfred - Aritzia
Cannes short in Linen - Wilfred - Aritzia
Trina sandal in black leather: Sam Edelman -
Deep Freeze sunnies in Crazy Tortoiseshell: Karen Walker - tenoversix
Mini Luggage in Dune: CELINE - Holt Renfrew
+ MK watch 

 Happy days, everyone!

Anonymous said: First of all I absolutely adore your blog, and check it every day for updates, keep doing what you’re doing lol!! My question is… will everything be on sale during the private sale? Or just certain items? I got my invite a few days ago and I am kinda excited!! Thanks- Andrea

Hi Andrea, thank you so much! That is seriously so nice of you to say! I’m glad you like the content (and don’t find it insanely boring)! During the private sale, absolutely everything in-store (at all Aritzia locations) will be on sale for you, even items that you order in! You should definitely hurry soon for better selection, as it’s first-come, first-served. 

Thanks again for your comment and for brightening up my day! Hope you pick up some awesome things at the private sale! :-)

Anonymous said: Hey since you work at aritzia, do you know when the summer sale starts?

Hey, the summer sale will officially start on the 28th of June! 

Anonymous said: Hello there :), I was wondering how difficult it is to get a job at Aritzia ... I really love their pieces and I own a lot of their clothing. I was just wondering if there is a lot of retail experience necessary to seriously be considered?

Hey, not necessarily. They’re just looking for candidates who are outgoing and have a love for clothing/fashion! You don’t need to have previous retail experience (see here), though it would be considered an asset. 

As long as you’re able to show the manager that you have personality and and that you fit in with the style culture (dress well when handing in your resume - doesn’t have to be head-to-toe Aritzia clothing!), you’ll do great! Just give it a try because if you don’t, you’ll never know! Hope this helps, good luck! :-)

Anonymous said: Hey! I was wondering how educated you are on the Mackage Kenya leather jacket? I'm assuming they are sold in the Aritzia you work at :S Do you think they are a good buy? not sure if I can justify purchasing one at the moment

Hey, I’m not too clear on the specs, but I personally think it’s a great buy! It’s my favourite out of all the Mackages we carry - I’m actually planning to get the Kenya myself for when I get my M license. I’m pretty sure Mackage jackets are sold at all Aritzias, but you can always order one in to your nearest location. The Kenya comes in black, tan, and brown (grey/ashy brown). There is also grey and nude, but I’m not sure if those colours have been discontinued for the season. 

I would suggest going with either the black or the tan colour. If you’re going for a very fitted look, we always recommend going down a size, as the leather tends to give. If, like me, you prefer your jackets fitting a little looser, just find one that fits true to size or bigger (all depending on your personal preference). With both fits, just make sure the shoulders sit nicely and aren’t too tight.

The justification is really up to you. If you think you’ll wear it a lot, it will be worth it. It is a stunning jacket on - I’ve literally seen heads turn. The leather is buttery soft and it’s definitely well-made. All of my girls who have one swear by theirs. If it’s the price that’s drawing you away, you could purchase a similar style at Danier Leather for a fraction of the cost, but I would take the plunge and go for the Mackage! A motorcycle jacket is a classic staple item and it’s a piece that you’ll have for years to come. 

I’m sorry I don’t have much information for you! Just visit your local Aritzia and there will be SAs who will know more information! Hope this helps!

Outfit from May 1st, 2012 (sans jacket). 

Outfit from May 1st, 2012 (sans jacket). 

Outfit from May 1, 2012.

Outfit from May 1, 2012.

VERY similar to a previous outfit, just updated and made more feminine. 

Lavender silk tank: Braemar by Jeremy Scott - thrifted
Tropez shorts in Tourbe: Wilfred - Aritzia
Black/cream two-tone ballet flats: Alfred Sung - thrifted
+ leather peter pan collar

Here’s a close-up! I love how little accents can change a look.

Go out and enjoy the sunshine! XOXO 

Alex and I went out for dinner in Guelph to celebrate our three years (although the actual date is May 2nd)!

Denim jacket: Gap Kids - thrifted
Nadine blouse in Celestial: Wilfred - Aritzia
Iver pant in Seche: Wilfred - Aritzia
Brown leather Chelsea Boots: Browns Shoes
Mini Luggage in Dune: Celine - Holt Renfrew

Here’s w/o the jacket.

We had booked a hot air balloon flight, but it was cancelled due to unfavourable weather; as you can see, I’m dressed for fall rather than spring. I can’t wait until the rescheduled date - can finally cross that off my life’s bucket list! XOXO

I started some spring cleaning, so don’t mind the mess! It got worse before it got better!

Chiffon tank in Lagoon: American Apparel
Linen Cannes shorts: Wilfred - Aritzia

+ a sweater for when the weather cools down…
Castel sweater in Morning Mist: Wilfred - Aritzia (LOVE this sweater)

+ a handbag and shoes (not pictured)!
Large “Le Pliage” Shopping Tote in Black: Longchamp - Holt Renfrew
Two-tone ballet flats in cream/black: Alfred Sung - thrifted

Have a great day, everyone! :-) XOXO

Note to self: NO MORE delayed outfit postings (or delayed postings in general, for that matter)!

Castel sweater in Morning Mist: Wilfred - Aritzia
Chiffon double-layered full-length skirt in Tan: American Apparel
Leather t-strap skimmers: Ecote - Urban Outfitters
Silk skull scarf in Black/White: Alexander McQueen - Holt Renfrew
Deep Freeze sunnies in Crazy Tortoise: Karen Walker - tenoversix 

Have a great day, guys! XOXO